I have always felt that buying a new appliance can be as confusing as having to choose a new toy from among the bright, shiny and beautiful ones displayed in a room. But after having struggled with a dishwasher that no longer washes the dishes, a small sized refrigerator that does have enough storage space or a range that heats up half the cook-top, buying new appliances from a reputed appliance store seemed to be the only solution to help put an end to all the frustration and kitchen stress.

However, before purchasing new appliances, it is essential that you consider certain factors such as the amount of space required to install the appliance, type of gas or power hookups you may require and whether the installation of the appliance can be done by yourself or does it require professional help.

Simple tips that can help you get ready for your new appliance

Space Measurement

Before ordering or buying appliances, it is always good to measure the space you have to accommodate it. Measure the height, width, and depth of the allocated space before you order or purchase a new dishwasher, cooking range, refrigerator, dryer or washer to avoid any unpleasant surprises when trying to install your new appliance.

However, if you are not very confident about getting the right measurements, do not despair. A professional will visit your place and do an estimate/ pre-measure and will let you know whether or not the given space is ready to accommodate the new appliance.

Check your water and Gas connections

If you are planning to buy new refrigeration that includes an ice maker or a water dispenser, ensure that you can hook it properly. It is important that you ensure that there is water line installed before the appliance is delivered from the appliance store. For this, you can either contact a plumber or ask the appliance store to set it up for you.

Similarly, before buying a cooking range, ensure that you have a gas line connection. This is especially essential for all those who have been using electric range and are now planning to switch to the gas one.

Likewise, when installing a dishwasher, it is essential that you have a water and electric connection in the given space. Since the dishwasher’s power requires to be hardwired straight into the power source, getting an electric connection for the appliance may require you to take professional help.

Before buying a washer and dryer, ensure that a dryer vent and a standard set of water hookups are in place. This will help you plug and use the appliance right away.

However, if you are not planning to take any help when installing your washer and dryer, it is important that you remove the shipping bolts that hold the drum of the washing machine in place. Failure to do so can result in a very loud banging noise when you try using it for the first time.

Check the size of your entryway

Apart from measuring the allocated space in the laundry room or the kitchen to accommodate the new appliance, it is essential that you measure the size of your entryway or doorway. Failing to do so, can cause your appliance to get stuck into between the doorways, making it difficult to enter your home.

It is therefore recommended that you know the measurement of your entryway and decide which door will work for the delivery people.

Considering the height, the width of your staircase is another essential factor to be taken into account before you decide to get new appliances into your home. Getting appliances such as a washer or a refrigerator into your home can become difficult especially if you have a low ceiling and stairs that are not wide enough for easy transportation.

Preparing for the Delivery

Considering certain factors on the delivery day can help prepare your home for the new appliance.

Before your new appliances arrive home, make sure that all the connections are in place. Ensure that the entryway, parking space and driveway is clean and clear. If you have pets, keep them away from the delivery area to ensure their safety.

Also, ensure that an adult member of your family is present at home during the time of delivery. This will help save you the trouble of rescheduling the delivery date and time to another date.

Delivery and Installation of New Appliances

When getting a new appliance into your home, ensure that you take two separate appointments for delivery and installation. This is because the people delivering the appliance will only bring the new your appliance home, but will not install it.

If you are looking for reliable installation services, contact https://www.maytagstorebc.com/. Ben’s Maytag Store provides installation services for different appliances including refrigerators, ovens, washer and dryer and dishwasher. Once your appliance is delivered, the installation team will visit your place, unpack the appliances, make necessary connection and ensure that everything is running smoothly. All you need to do is relax and enjoy using your new appliances.

When buying new appliances, most homeowners usually sell off them old appliances or give them away to friends or family members. However, if you still have your old appliances at hand, you may be interested in appliance recycling.

Having had the experience of having an old appliance in spite of having ordered a new one, I cannot say how handy it had been to have someone pick up your old appliance in a way that you never have to see it again.

After Delivery and Installation of New Appliances

This is the best part of getting a new appliance into your home. After the procedures of delivery and installation are done with, all you need to do it relax and admire your refrigerator, dishwasher cooking range, and washer/dryer pair.

Owning a new appliance and watching them work creates a feeling of joy and happiness that I experience every time I bring these bright, shiny, incredible appliances home.

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